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A group of young men are sitting around in a circle discussing their hopes and dreams. One man says he is very depressed because the church he goes to is in a rundown state, and is losing parishioners etc. Someone decides that we should all demolish the church. I am horrified by this statement. Someone says what if we do that and he is still depressed then what? Someone suggests we form a working party and restore the church to its former glory and help encourage people to attend the church. Other people engage in a discussion about his depression, to learn more about it.
I am meeting Hylton and we are having a philosophical discussion, but I can't remember what it was about.
I go to revisit a mansion that I was greatly impressed by in my youth. I find the building but although it is the same building all the other more contemporary buildings that surround it now outshine the former mansion. There is a door near me that is open. Someone has lit a fire inside and the smoke is coming out of the doorway. There is a strong smell of smoke in the air.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

I think this might be a summary of our dream journey that we have undertaken the past more than a few years.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

horror, sense of community


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Dream Therapist
1 month ago

Hi Lindsay, I agree that this dream seems to represent a summation of our dream journey and where you currently stand on that journey. I like that you refer to it as a healing dream. Very interesting to note the dream discussion about demolishing or restoring the old church. Fire can signify purification or anger.

I also came across this: ‘If smoke is carried on the air, obscuring your view, you should consider the implications. In waking life, are you being forced into a situation in which you are being forced to reconsider ideas that you previously refused to contemplate?’