The Green Room


Hi Martina you might need a bag of popcorn, it is another epic!!
I am dressed in a tuxedo. I have a white shirt, unbuttoned at the the neck, with a deep red coloured bow tie lying untied around my neck, a black coat, trousers and black shoes. It gives me a Sean Connery/James Bond look. I am at All Saints Parish Church in Ainslie. Penny and my mother are there and everyone is busy getting ready for the annual church fete. I am flitting between here and Dickson High School where a school reunion is being organised. There is to be a disco at the high school that night and I have been engaged as a DJ. I flit back and forth between Dickson High and All Saints Church several times.
Penny and I are going to the cinema. It is an open air cinema in front of the Sydney Town Hall. The place is packed with people and Penny and I wonder if we can even find a seat. Penny's father appears and he tells us that he has some seats for us in row 'Y'. At that point Penny and her father vanish and it is Richard, my former dream analyst, and I that are heading towards these seats. We have to make our way down these aisles created by these crowd control barriers. Some barriers have these leather straps between them and we have to climb over the leather straps to get to where we want to go. When we get to our seats we sit down and have a good catch up with each other. The lady sitting next to me taps me on the shoulder and I turn around to look at her and it is Idra, a friend of mine, who is an artist. I introduce her to Richard and the 3 of us chat. I then realise that I am suppose to be djing at this disco at Dickson High School but I find out that no one turned up at the event so it was cancelled.
I am now in this magnificent room, looks like the inside of a Victorian Palace. All the furniture and the walls are this brilliant lime green colour. I am completely naked and I am having anal sex with a young man who is also naked. Idra is painting us having sex with each other. The End.

Photo by Steven Su on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

I have a feeling that the origin of this dream is your recent comment about using art to explore the issues that my dreams bring up. Sean Connery is my favourite James Bond. I used to work as a mobile DJ for Mobydisc, and I wore a similar outfit as a dj. Penny's father died a long time ago (1994/5). He and I never met (he lived in England). We were about to meet when he was struck down with dementia and died within 6 months. I have a feeling that he and I would have gotten on very well as we both have similar interests, British and European history. I have posed nude for Idra some years ago. So long ago that she can't remember painting me. She is in her eighties now but in the dream she was in her thirties. This brought up some other memories. Around that time I remember I was in a cafe, in the Eastern Suburbs and the only reading material available to read was the Sydney Star Observer and other similar gay publications. In one of those publications I came across an intimate pencil portrait of 2 nude men together. I recognised one of them as a gay friend of mine. As it was a free publication I took a copy and later, when I caught up with my friend I showed him the portrait. He agreed it was a good likeness of him but he said he never posed for it and didn't recognise the name of the artist neither, nor did he recognise the other male in the drawing. Also after I had posed nude for Idra, I remember that I had a dream that Idra asked me back to pose again, this time with a young man and she painted an erotic and intimate portrait of us. The young man was a complete stranger. Can't remember anything more about that dream, feelings etc. Before going to bed I watched on SBS a program about Victorian Britain and we saw the inside of Queen Victoria's personal rail carriage. This was the model for the room in the final scene of the dream. Although the room in the dream was on a much larger and grander scale than the railway carriage. The predominate colour inside the carriage was royal blue. I wore the tuxedo throughout the dream except for the last scene where I was naked.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

As Sean Connery/James Bond, it would have felt pretty sexy. When Penny and I arrived the Town Hall, for the cinema, I felt very overwhelmed by the crowds of people and very relieved when Penny's father appeared saying he had saved some seats for us. Meeting up with Idra again felt exciting. Then I felt confusion over whether I should be at the disco or the cinema and felt relief again when I found out that the event had been cancelled. The last part of the dream did feel erotic but the eroticism was overwhelmed by the magnificence of the room. On awakening I can remember feeling awe-inspired by the magnificence of the room.


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Dream Therapist
4 years ago

Wow Lindsay, this really is an epic! There is a lot going on in this dream with some interesting guest appearances from Penny’s dad, your ex dream analyst and Idra. I love the James Bond DJ’ing visual too :). The last part being painted in the magnificent room reminds me of your Muse dream. Sounds like it has multiple connections to dreams and memories for you too.

Dream Therapist
4 years ago
Reply to  Lindsay

Hi Lindsay, sorry I just saw this comment. I’ll email you shortly.