The Jaguar & The Kangaroo


I am walking through the Australian Bush and I see a kangaroo moving through the bush as well but something doesn't seem right. I go to investigate and discover that the kangaroo is dead and is being carried in the jaws of a large male jaguar. A female jaguar joins him and together they eat the kangaroo. I am in awe of these two creatures and have no feelings for the kangaroo. The two jaguars looked very regal.

Dream notes and associations

I am currently rereading Yuval Noah Harari's "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind" I am up to the part where Europe embarks on the age of exploration. Prior to Columbus' discovery of America, and even before that, the most advanced civilisations on the planet were found in Persia, India and China and possibly Japan. Europe was a cultural backwater and Britain was a backwater to Europe's backwater. Yet in a short span of time The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Britain established large empires and they left Persia, India & China behind. Harari speculated what the world would have looked like if it was Persia, India, China or Japan had decided to conquer and colonise the world, or if the Aztec empire, in Mexico, had been more outward looking and had decided to colonise Spain or Portugal. Jaguars are native to the Southern States of the USA, Mexico and the northern regions of South America. So I think this is the inspiration of this dream. He also. talked about the conquest of Aztec, Inca and other American civilisations, and how easy it was for them to conquered.
The Australian Bush= my spiritual home.
I am making a connection with the green room dream and the last part of the dream where the feelings of eroticism was overpowered by the awesomeness of the room.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

originally concerned for the kangaroo, then awe for the 2 jaguars, regal, magnificence


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

What a powerful dream image Lindsay, I love the regality of the jaguars.