The man in black


I am living on a golf course. I am dressed in black. I have this old 1960's black Ford Transit Van. The paintwork has faded to a dull lustre. It is looking a bit shabby but it still drives well. It is a work vehicle for both my bread run and my work as a mobile DJ. I am preparing for my days work as both a bread vendor and as a mobile DJ. I am loading and checking off my bread, from the loading list, into my van. Then I load my DJ equipment into the back of the van. There is a feeling that tonight's job as a DJ is shrouded in secrecy. With my van loaded I drive across the golfing green onto one of the roadways and I drive out of the golf course.
I am driving through the same cityscape as my L90 dream and parts of it remind of my dreams of Ainslie that I had as a teenager. Sometimes I am driving my van and sometimes I am walking. At one point I am driving along a road and there is a large round, but short tunnel ahead and I can see a small market square the other side of the tunnel. Usually I drive through the tunnel but today I notice that there are people walking, on the roadway, through the tunnel and I decide that today I am going to walk. As I walk out the other side I hear my friend Maree talking to someone in a cafe but I ignore her. I turn left and I meet Peter, Emily and Theo, who live opposite us. Theo always wants to know what buses I have been driving lately and I tell him about the buses that I have driven lately. He and I leave Peter and Emily and we are walking down this very long corridor and we are talking about buses. When we get to a door at the end of the corridor I tell Theo he should go back to his parents. He leaves and I walk through the door and find myself back on the golf course where I started from and I woke up. The End.

Photo by Hadi Yazdi Aznaveh on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

The city strongly reminded me of the L90 dream. And these dreams of Ainslie that I had as a teenager. These dreams would always start of with me walking, or riding my bike around the streets of Ainslie and then I would turn round a corner and I would find myself at the beach, or a railway station, or in the middle of a desert and the adventure of the dream would unfold from there. I had a number of these dreams when I was a teenager. One of these dreams I found a hidden part of Ainslie that no-one else knew about. The market square at the end of the tunnel reminded me of this dream. Theo is 4 years old and has an obsession with buses and because I am a bus driver I am the ants-pants. He always wants to know what buses I have driven that day. I have no particular associations with Ford Transit vans. The bakery I worked for had a fleet of Bedford vans and as a vendor I drove my own VW Kombi van. An opposition bakery had a fleet of Transit vans. I have no associations with golf courses.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

I can't remember any feelings during the dream but on awakening it felt very erotic!!!!!!!
Which reminded me of my "Shit Dream" which was the first dream that started off this whole process that I have been travelling through for all these years. I had that dream in the early 90's. Back to the starting point!!!???


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Dream Therapist
4 years ago

Hi Lindsay, there’s an interesting theme here relating to dual characters – Lindsay the bread vendor and Lindsay the DJ (almost like a Jekyll and Hyde/day vs night personality) which would be good to explore. Dreaming of secret or hidden places suggests discovering new aspects of self. You’ll have to enlighten me about your ‘Shit Dream’!