The old church


I'm travelling with a large group of people and we are staying in this old church. It is very strange building and looks like a Viking long house. I can't make out whether it is made of stone or wood. We appear to be a group of wandering minstrels or actors. To pay for our stay we put on these plays which we parody the sacrament of holy communion. I can remember one of the actors had a pet dog, looked like a pug or perhaps a French bulldog. The parody of the holy communion was performed by a group of men, myself included, and we were all wearing nappies. Someone did a parody of the garden of Eden story and for a backdrop they had a photo of a tropical island paradise and this was to represent the garden of Eden. The photo was taken at sunset and the sky was very red and there was a waterfall near an ocean beach. I was very critical of the use of this photo, as a prop. I thought it looked cheap and shoddy. I can't remember that there was any audience watching our parodies.

Dream notes and associations

The church looked like a viking longhouse. I am of Danish descent on my mothers side. The church walls were very dark in colour. It looked like it was very old; hundreds, or maybe, thousands of years old. The setting where the church was located looked very lush and green and Nordic.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Can't remember any specific feelings during the dream but the dream felt very different to other dreams I've had.


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, I’m really struck by the image of a group of men performing in nappies. Do you have any idea why you were wearing them? I’m wondering whether this could be related to a creative project or something similar that’s still in its infancy stage or perhaps even stunted.

Dream Therapist
3 years ago
Reply to  Lindsay

It all sounds very amusing! In what way did it feel different to other dreams?