The Road Block


I am driving through rural NSW in my Mercedes, alone. I am going to visit my mate, Gary at his home in Boorowa. I am driving through a small country town looking for a turn-off. I find it and turn into it and drive along it. But at the other end the road is closed because of roadworks. I have to drive over these large boulders to get were I want to go. Even though my Mercedes wasn't built for this type of driving it seems to take the rough terrain in its stride. But I don't seem to be getting anywhere. There is no clear path across these boulders to get where I want to go.

Dream notes and associations

I just love driving through the rural back blocks of Australia. After this current lockdown I am just itching to get back on the road for a long drive. As I mentioned in my last dream, Gary is a mate of mine that I lost contact with 30 - 40 years ago and a recent chance encounter on Facebook brought us back in touch again. I think this is a continuation with the last dream. When my mother's estate is sorted and I receive my entitlements form it i will be in a very healthy financial position and I am thinking about upgrading my Mercedes to a more recent model. Will I continue to drive buses, fulltime or part-time? Or will I retire?

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Blocked but a sense of adventure. Driving through the Australian Bush feels spiritual for me. Interesting in the last dream Gary is represented by the Rolling Stones song: 'I can't get get no satisfaction' and in this dream I am blocked and obstacles are placed in my path to make it difficult to get to where I want to go and I can't see a clear path to get to where I want to go but there is an adventure to had trying to figure it out. I guess I will have to ask myself where do I feel blocked in my life.


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Dream Therapist
2 years ago

Hi Lindsay, so interesting that the theme of blockage has been surfacing lately. I’m reminded of the blocked energy within the varicose veins that we worked in ‘The break-in’ dream a few weeks ago. I’m wondering whether the blockage may be spiritual since the blockages in this dream take place in the Australian bush. Perhaps exploring your Aboriginal spirit dream may offer some movement or insight here?