The Shame


I am sleeping, naked on a bed. The bed is located in a very formal, classical garden. The bed is surrounded by a frame of a cottage. There are no walls, ceiling, doors or roof. The frame is painted white. There is a door frame, where a door will go. There are also frames for windows, as well. I am fast asleep, and I am having an erotic dream. Tony Abbott, the former Australian P.M., is standing in the doorway looking at me. He is there, in the dream, as a school mate of mine. He wasn't. It is obvious that I am sexually aroused. The dream ends and I wake up and see him looking at me. He says he is going to expose my shame to everyone.

Photo by Brijender Dua on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

The cottage frame reminded me of an Agatha Christie play that Penny and I saw, last Sunday. The play was set in either of 2 cottages and there was a frame of a cottage on the stage and the internal settings of the living rooms where set out around this. I think the frame was white. Not sure what Tony Abbott is doing in my dream. I am certainly no fan of his. The fact that he represents a school mate of mine could refer to my school days. I can't think of any similar situation with a school friend anything like the above dream. I was raped as a teenager, so I did have some things to feel shameful about. Tony Abbott recently gave a eulogy for the late Cardinal George Pell at his funeral.
Last night I watched the 4 Corners report on inappropriate sexual behavior in the medical profession, and the problems of reporting such behavior to the relevant authorities. I wondered if this was going to show up in my dreams.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

formal, classical, erotic, shame, exposed.


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