The Start of the Affair


I am a teenager at school, and I am on the school playground at lunchtime. There are a number of people around me, that I recognize from my current life. A young Kerry, bus driver, is there. There is some sexual frisson between us. Another young girl attaches herself to me. We are all in the backyard of All Saints Parish Hall, Ainslie. The University of Notre Dame, Darlinghurst is next door. I point this out to the girl, and I tell her about my work there. She, suddenly, starts to kiss me passionately. We are both consumed in passion, kissing and cuddling and pawing at each other. Three male prefects turn up and they have to physically separate us and we are sent back to our respective classes.
It is the end of the school day and I am walking home. I can see the girl standing next to the canteen counter talking to someone with a cute puppy. I want to go over but I can see my mother, and Penny (who is her current age - 75), on canteen duty. I walk past and wait outside. I am torn between going back to her, or, just walking home and leaving her. I go back to the school, and I meet her, and we walk home, to her place. She tells me that she has access to a doctor's surgery, and we can have sex there, and no one will interrupt us. We walk along the large stormwater drain that runs alongside the school. Someone has added an obstacle course and I am walking down a very steep track. It gets steeper and steeper until it becomes a sheer drop and I slide down it to the bottom. I can control my speed by opening and closing my legs. The girl is waiting for me at the bottom. We walk on.
We come to a park where there are a number of couples, having picnics. We are thrashing about on the grass kissing and cuddling each other. She wants me to spend the night with her. I tell her I can't because I have to go home to Penny. She knows I am in relationship with Penny. I ask her if we can go to this doctor's surgery so we can have sex. The end.

Photo by Cody Black on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

I have been reading Robert Johnson's 'Inner Work'. He suggested that we should interview the characters and places and things, to find out what part they play in the dream and in my life. This is, obviously, the emergent phenomenon from that. The girl reminded me of Julia Zamiro, the comedienne and tv presenter.
Last night I applied those processes to my 2 recent dreams. The 3 prefects are people that I have known, 2 from school and one was an assistant manager at a place I worked at, before the buses.
All through the dream there are people who know that I am in relationship with Penny but they egg us both (me and the girl) on. Even in the park there are people who know that I am in relationship with Penny.
The fact that I can control the speed of my body, down the slide, by opening and closing my legs. Has sexual connotations.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

erotic, wavering. All throughout the dream I am plagued with guilt about being unfaithful to Penny.


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Dream Therapist
1 year ago

Hi Lindsay, interesting to note that people are egging you on to have an affair but the dream also signifies that you seem to have full control of the situation by being able to control the speed of your body down the slide.