The Toxic Work Place


I am a detective, working at a police station which has a very toxic work culture. The 2 people, in charge, do not talk to each other. They do things and organize things without consultation with anyone else, or each other.
A lady who is very distressed, comes to us for help. Another detective, who has a medical background, gives her an injection which enables her to go to sleep. We discuss the need to call an ambulance to take her to hospital.
It is the end of my shift, and the woman is waking up. I am briefing the detective, who is taking over from me, about the lady and we need to call an ambulance to take her to hospital. He is very angry about this and refuses to take responsibility for her.
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Dream notes and associations

Every week I will meet some of my former work colleagues, and they tell me how I got out at the right time as it is now a very toxic workplace.
I recognize the woman. I met her once, some years ago. I was on a break, and she struck up a conversation with me. It was obvious that she was very lonely and struck up a conversation with me, in desperation. I wasn't able to talk to her for long. She was a large woman, not obese, and very conservatively dressed. In fact I would say out-of-date conservatively dressed.
The detective, who relieved me, at the end of my shift, I recognize him as someone who I worked with, in the post office many years ago. But can't remember anything about him, another than he worked in the Divisional Office.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening



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Dream Therapist
11 months ago

Hi Lindsay, some interesting themes here about sedating distress and also refusal of responsibility for this. Another appearance of an ambulance too.

Dream Therapist
11 months ago

Fyi Ambulance symbolism indicates a need for healing in the giving and receiving of experience.

Dream Therapist
10 months ago
Reply to  Lindsay

I believe there was a dream where sirens were heard and were you also driving an ambulance in reverse?