The Wood Shed


Liz Sloan, client/friend of Penny and I, owns a house (in the dream) in O'Connell Street, which is the east side of the square that is Wakefield Gardens where I grew up, in Ainslie. In the dream she was returning home from the USA and because it was the middle of winter I thought I would get some firewood and chop it up for her. I have the firewood loaded on this old (1990's model) Toyota Landcruiser, which is jointly owned by Liz and I (in the dream) Because it is dark I unload the firewood on the property next door and tomorrow I will move the firewood to Liz's house, chop it up and store it in her wood shed. I am going to get my brother Alistair to help me. I decide to go inside Liz's house and check that everything is okay inside. Inside I find Ivy, a friend of my mother's is there. She had heard that Liz was going to be visiting and, like me decided to check the house out, make sure everything was okay. Unlike me she had to climb in through a window. Ivy was much younger than she is. (She passed away more than 20 years ago. I think she was older than my mother. She would be well over 100 if she was still alive.) The End.

Dream notes and associations

Liz is an American citizen, she was married to an Australian, Bunny Sloan, who died about 10 years ago. Liz is a very spritely 90 year, both physically and mentally. She recently turned 90. For the past 30 years Liz, and Bunny when he was alive, lived in a perpetual summer, 6 months in the USA and 6 months in Australia. But now she is back in the States she will probably stay there. She may come for a short visit in our summer. She was a statistician and worked in IT all her working life and is pretty knowledgeable about that subject. Unusual for a woman her age.
Why would she be coming to Canberra in the middle of winter? What would she be doing driving such a large vehicle as a Toyota Landcruiser?
Liz and I have mutual interest in researching family trees. O'Connell Street in Ainslie again recalls those dreams I had as a teenager and, of course, my recent dream 'The Man in Black'

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Can't remember any feelings associated with this dream


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, how interesting that Liz has changed up her plans in your dream. Chopping wood is symbolic of clearing away the dead wood from whatever is holding you back.