The You-Beaut Blue Ute


Many years ago I owned a pale blue HK Holden Belmont ute (1969) It was affectionately known as the you-beaut blue ute. In this dream I still owned it but it was kept, unregistered at the family home in Ainslie. In the dream the family home was a deserted house. It was still the family home but no-one lived there anymore. There were also 3 shipping containers, full of junk, stored there as well. In the dream my nephew, Christian, and I decide to get rid of these containers. He and I just pick these containers up and load them on the back of the ute and Christian drives the unregistered ute to the tip to dispose of these containers.
While Christian is away at the tip there is another part of the story centred on me at the house but I have forgotten all of it.
Christian returns from the tip. He is worried that he had been away longer than anticipated. He was worried that the longer he was on the road driving my unregistered ute the greater the chance that he would be caught.

Dream notes and associations

Christian doesn't like having any dealings with the law and, especially, the police. My blue ute, I have very fond memories of it. The impossibility of Christian and I man handling these containers onto the back of the ute. The ute would not be able to carry one container let alone 3

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Can't remember any feelings associated with this dream


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, this dream theme of carrying a lot of weight sounds familiar. I feel it may be connected to your previous dream ‘Because Dad isn’t there’, although you have some help from family in this dream suggesting this theme may be evolving.

Last edited 3 years ago by Martina Kocian