Torn between 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7………..lovers


In the dream I am at my work as a bus driver and I am having an affair with one of the female bus drivers, while still in relationship with Penny. Penny knows nothing of the affair. Then another female bus driver decides she wants to have affair with me, then another, and then another one, and another one. Then a female bus passenger decides she wants to have an affair with me, Then another, and then another, and then another.... I am going from one female to another making love to them, promising to be their one true, faithful lover and then moving onto the next lover.

Image from the Birmingham Museum Trust from Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Last Monday's 4 Corners investigation into 2 minsters of the crown both married with children and having affairs with their junior female staff. Also reading Grace Karskens; "The People of The River". The current chapter is about love and marriage between the families, who were the earliest European settlers of the Hawkesbury, Nepean Region. And about the infidelities that occurred there in that time. It was often the women that initiated the affairs. They would have married a man, usually a much older man, and having found that he wasn't up to the task, the wife would go and find herself a much younger lover. These are, of course, my forebears that we are talking about. This story isn't in
Grace Karskens' book but I did have a great-great-grandmother who lived in 2 ménage a trois in her lifetime.
she was the only female in both triangles.
Also reminded me of my early attempts at romance as a young man. I wouldn't actively pursue any woman, I would wait for one to show an interest in me. I would usually be waiting a long time but sometimes 2 women would show up and express an interest in me but I would be unable to chose between them.
The work on the last dream, one thing that did come up for me was my 'Willpower Dream'. Willpower is sadly lacking in this dream.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Did not feel erotic. I felt very passive. Going with the flow


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, how interesting that the theme of going with the flow has resurfaced. I’m wondering whether there is something in your life that should feel more exciting but you’re experiencing passive engagement and lack of willpower.