Waiting for Martina


I have an appointment, with you, to discuss my dreams. I am meeting you at your motel room where you are staying. I arrive at the room but you are not there. You arrive soon after and you have a young son in tow, plus you are accompanied by 2 girlfriends. Your son is about 3 or 4 and is looking very tired and irritable, in fact you are carrying him and you look tired and worn out as well. You open the door and put him to bed. Your 2 girlfriends have 2 dogs with them and they are full of energy. Upon opening the door they bound into the room, chasing each other then run out of the room. You acknowledge me and tell me that you will be with me shortly. You walk out of the room and talk to your girlfriends. The room is a typical 1970s motel room, the decor looks dated. It is one room which incorporates bedroom, living, dining, kitchenette, bathroom and toilet. The bathroom and toilet completely open to the room, they offer no privacy. In fact on opening the door the first thing you see is the toilet. While I am waiting for you I decide to use your toilet. I cannot bring myself to close the door because I do not want to separate you from your son. So I pull my pants down and sit on the toilet and do my business with the door open. You and your girlfriends are standing outside the door with your backs to me. At any moment anyone of you could turn around and see me but I am quite comfortable with this. In fact it feels perfectly normal. I sit there on the toilet looking out at the 3 of you and at the green open fields beyond. The setting looks very English rather than Australian. At that point I woke up and the dream ended.

Image Ben White from Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

On the weekend I realised that hadn't renewed my dream package. Also visited your dreamcubator site and revisited some of my recent dreams plus I also read your reunion dream and noted that you had provided your own illustration for the dream. When I posted my previous dream I had a lot of difficulty finding a suitable image for the dream. I tried several search words but nothing suitable came up. I wondered whether I could find an appropriate photo in my own collection. Eventually I typed 'seduction ' in the search field and came up with the image of the painting that I used. Later, looking at the painting of the nude man I thought that I could have provided a nude photo that I took when I revisited the waterfall site for my memory. Last night looking at your own image, I realised that one day I may have a dream and one of those nude selfies could be an appropriate image for it. Also I think your comment on my last dream about something in my life that I should feel excited about but I am experiencing with passive engagement and lack of willpower, has something to do with this dream. At the end of the dream I felt comfortable and normal by revealing my vulnerable self to you (and your girlfriends)
Your son could be me at a similar age, except I had much longer hair. He is a redhead (like me). His name was Edwin, by the way. Can't think of anything significant about that name.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

A range of emotions; your son was tired and irritable; you were tired and haggard; the dogs were full of boundless energy and at the end of the dream feeling vulnerable felt perfectly normal. Upon waking I felt very relieved, and not because I had discovered that it was only a dream.


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, that’s interesting to note the contrast between the tired and haggard characters and the boundless energy of the dogs. And reassuring that you felt comfortable and normal revealing your vulnerable self. I’m intrigued by your thoughts re the connection with passive engagement and lack of willpower in relation to this dream.