A Holiday Romance


I am holidaying with my parents, and I am my current age. We are staying in this place which is rather dark and open. It feels rich and luxurious, and all the tables and other horizontal surfaces are piled up with books, magazines and newspapers, so it is a little bit untidy. I meet a young lady, who is staying there as well. She looks like a young Emma Thompson, the English actress. She is a stranger, but we are we are very familiar with each other, it is like we have known each other for a long time, and we like each other's company.
It is bedtime and my mother undresses both of us and puts us into the same bed and she leaves. The lady and I continue talking and then we make love. I apologize to her that I am not wearing any protection, I don't have any condoms. But I am excited at the possibility that she might get pregnant. After she and I have had sex, we get out of bed, and I notice that she is still wearing her knickers. The End.

Image:Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Connections to my nude wrestling dream, threesome dream, transformation dream and those other dreams where I am in bed with Penny, or the prostitute and mum comes into the room, and the pregnancy dreams. The place is interesting; dark and open, rich and luxurious but a little bit untidy. And the woman is interesting as well. Plus, this theme of pregnancy is back again.
In the nude wrestling dream when things start to feel sexual, I feel uncomfortable, not in control. In this dream my mother is giving us her blessing. She is undressing us and putting us into the same bed!!
I know who the lady is, but she looks nothing like a young Emma Thompson. In fact, she is Eurasian. She has a Thai mother, and I gather, a white Anglo Australian father. She has never mentioned her father, so I gather that he is not around. We came across each other on WhatsApp or Telegram some months ago, and we have been chatting regularly ever since. Yesterday she came across a bit flirtatious. She has posted the odd flirty gif before. I have always gathered that I have been a bit of a father figure to her. She runs her own business. Hard to guess her age but I would say late twenties, early thirties.
Not sure about the end of the dream where we get out of bed after making love and I discover that she is still wearing her knickers. What's that about. Reference the transformation dream where the teenage girl and I are having sex fully clothed.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Dark and open, rich and luxurious, untidy, erotic.


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Dream Therapist
1 year ago

Hi Lindsay, I also thought of The Prostitute dream and the evolution of your mother’s support in this one. That’s so interesting about the knickers, as if the lady had protection after all.