Walking in the forest


I was walking for a few days in the forest with some other people. It seems like it's taking quite long and I wan't sure if we are walking in the right direction or in circles. Meanwhile I gave a birth to a baby, but I don't see that, just remember it retrospectively in the dream. I don't even remember if we got out of the forest at the end, but I was really focused on finding the way.

Dream notes and associations

I am soon to be delivering my first baby, so I am thinking about labour.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

I was surprised the labour wasn't taking that long in the scheme of things and it wasn't such a 'big deal' on this forest trip. I was more focused on finding the way out of the forest. I felt quite calm, even though we couldn't find a way.


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Dream Therapist
4 years ago

Hi Jana, this is a typical preparation dream for such a big life event. I love that you were feeling so calm and focused throughout your dream, it speaks volumes as our dreams tend to mirror our daily emotions. I hope this will be the case for you leading up to the big day. Keep noting any similar dreams, I wonder if they will lead you out of the forest in due course. Wishing you the best for your little arrival!