Adam Sharp


I dreamt that I was Adam Sharp and had told my wife that I was going on a business trip to Melbourne, when in fact I had taken a job driving a coach load of tourists to the South Coast from Canberra via Cooma to avoid the current bushfires. Angela Brown, the famous soap star, is also travelling on the coach. Whilst I am driving down the coast I accidentally activate all the air bags on the coach which causes the coach to drive really slowly. I am very embarrassed by this. Then the media pick up this story and it is broadcast from coast to coast, which means that my wife will discover that I had lied to her. This is where the dream ends.

Dream notes and associations

I started reading Graeme Simsion's "The Best of Adam Sharp" .For those of you who do not know the story it is about a contract software engineer, Adam Sharp, who gets a contract in Melbourne (he is from England). He also manages to get a gig playing a piano, at night, in a wine bar. One night a lady chats him up in the wine bar. He doesn't know who she is but finds out later she is a famous tv soap star. Long story short they meet up again, she is married but recently separated and getting a divorce. She invites him to a party where she seduces him and they begin a brief affair then she disappears out his life. 22 years later she contacts him to say she is still in love with him. He in the meantime has married someone else and while they do not hate each other the spark has gone out of this marriage.
Penny and I drove down to the south coast via Cooma because of the current bushfire situation on our holidays, just after Christmas. Didn't have any incidents that would have slowed up the trip.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

The major feeling was embarrassment both over the accidental release of the air bags and the exposure of the lie that I told my wife. In the dream I am Adam Sharp (not me playing the role of Adam Sharp) and my wife is Adam's wife, not my partner. While I can see some similarities between Adam's situation and my own I think our relationship is stronger than his and his wife's. The spark in our relationship has dimmed a bit but we are still quite close.


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Dream Therapist
4 years ago

Hi Lindsay, that’s an interesting visual where all the airbags on the coach have been activated. Lying in dreams can indicate some underlying guilt in waking life, however I’m wondering whether the strong theme of exposure is connected with your escape from the bushfires in this situation. I’m glad to hear you both made it to safety.