Moth Queen


I have landed in the Phillipines with my friend and our little ones. She takes the girls somewhere for a long period of time, we have a connecting flight to catch and I am worried they are lost or have been kidnapped. They finally appear the next day and I'm not sure now whether we will make the flight.

Suddenly we are all in a car ready for our next flight to another part of the Phillipines. My friend's mum is in the car and we are going to visit her sister who is the Moth Queen. So she is the sister of royalty and we are to visit royalty. She is wearing all black, a black veil and is forlorn as if we are going to a funeral.

Image by: Midjourney bot

Dream notes and associations

I have just returned from travels where part of my trip was with my friend and our little ones. The trip was quite stressful as I had multiple flights with my little one over two weeks and two destinations. My friend's mum is a widow and she came across as very funereal.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Stressed that my party had been gone a while and meeting travel deadlines. Curiosity and excitement about meeting the moth queen.


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