Penny and I are holidaying at a tourist resort. It is early morning, and I am swimming in the pool. In spite of the early hour, the pool is crowded with people. It is an indoor pool. I am naked and everyone else are wearing swimming costumes. Penny and I are going on a bus tour that day. Someone comes over and tells me that our tour has been cancelled and we have been put on another bus and it will be leaving shortly. I decide to have a shower. There is a semi-circular shower curtain in the pool where I am swimming. I have a shower here. I see the bus arriving and people are starting to get on it. I see Penny as well, and I go over to tell her the change of plans. But when I get to where I saw her she has disappeared. I see her again and head over to her but she disappears again. This happens a few times and I decide to get on the bus without her. She suddenly appears and tells me wait until everyone else has got on the bus, then we will get on. The End

Dream notes and associations

I think the Comptroller of Dreams has decided that Penny and I need a holiday. (Martina, maybe you would like to join us.) Particularly after last week's workout and the previous half dozen dreams or so. But I notice that I am still naked. The colours around the pool area were very intense. There was a dream a few months ago, I think, that had very intense colours. I can remember the colours blue and red.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

relaxed holiday feeling, frustration (looking for Penny)


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Dream Therapist
1 month ago

Hi Lindsay, a holiday after all this work would be amazing – haha. I’m wondering whether the dream is also suggesting a mental break from all the inner conflict – before the next bus/journey arrives!

Dream Therapist
1 month ago
Reply to  Martina Kocian

Also interesting to note you were willing to get on the bus without Penny.

Dream Therapist
1 month ago


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