The Meditation/Yoga Workshop


Penny and I are holidaying at a hotel. We are attending a meditation & yoga workshop. We return a week later for a follow-up workshop. When we arrive at the hotel there is a large party going on and we join the party. During the course of the party Penny and I become separated. I realise that we are now late for the workshop and I head there on my own. I arrive just in time for the graduation. I am given a folder which contains a certificate and some artwork I did during the workshop.
I then go and catch up with Penny. She is at a picnic at a park. I show her my certificate and artwork. I discover that I have been given someone else's folder as well. The name Kayla is written on the folder. Inside the folder is a very expensive looking camera and I realise that I have to find Kayla and return her folder and camera.

Dream notes and associations

I think this is a continuation of the recent holiday dreams I've been having. I don't know anyone named Kayla. You also recently suggested yoga as a therapy for me, which I have been researching on the internet.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Can't remember any specific feelings. The workshop felt peaceful. The artwork felt vibrant. Separation.


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Dream Therapist
2 years ago

Hi Lindsay, there’s the theme of graduation/accomplishment here which feels linked to the harvesting in your Abandoned Farmyard dream. I love that the artwork felt vibrant, noting vibrancy has been surfacing in our dream work lately. I just emailed through some yoga links.