Kelly’s Bush


I am walking around the suburb of Woolwich, near Hunter's Hill, I enter and walk through Kelly's Bush. I meet my teenage self there. He is naked and sexually aroused. He lies down on the soil and has sex with the earth.

Photo by Pat Whelen on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Penny and I have been planning a walk around Woolwich and Kelly's Bush for our Probus group. Kelly's Bush is a large area of parkland that has not been cleared or developed so it is as it was before colonisation. Bush is also Australian slang for female pubic hair. I'm guessing there is a connection with my previous dream about the 3 naked boys being paraded through the streets, but not sure what. This morning I had a follow up dream where I am with a large group of men, and some women, some of the men were naked (I was naked) and we were standing between Kelly's Bush and suburban Woolwich and we are searching for a particular spot. Some of us remember some aspects of this spot and some remember others. By a series of trial and error we find the location. (The place where teenage Lindsay had sex with the earth?) Totally mystified by this.
Here is a late thought; bush = slang term for female pubic hair; Kelly's Bush = a piece of virgin bushland. Any connection? Food for thought. I can't make a female connection with the name Kelly. Thomas Kelly was given the land grant that encompassed Kelly's Bush. He kept the bush as it was, as a buffer between his factories, on the waterfront and the residential homes of Woolwich and Hunter's Hill.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

erotic, mystery


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Dream Therapist
7 months ago

Hi Lindsay, there’s a powerful theme here of connecting with or desire to connect with the feminine or even divine feminine as teenage Lindsay’s sexual act with earth suggests. I’m wondering whether this is also the case with your feline dreams.