The Orgasm Part II


It is early morning and dawn can be seen breaking on the horizon through our bedroom window. Penny and I are on holidays somewhere in the world. We are in bed together. We are both awake and we are both naked. My penis is inside her vagina but we are not having sex as such. We are just cuddling each other and just being with each other. My mother comes into the room and is pottering around. Penny and I are sitting upright on top of the mattress, facing each other and we are having sexual intercourse with each other. Mum tells us to hurry up as we need to get up and get ready for the day. She goes out of the room. I think to myself: I want to have my orgasm. Penny is now lying on her back and I am on top of her humping away. I can feel the pleasure of orgasm rising in my penis and although the pleasure keeps rising it always feels like it is just behind the peak where I will experience orgasm. Eventually I woke up and the dream ended.

Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

A former girlfriend of mine taught me the concept of putting my penis inside her vagina and doing nothing for 5 minutes, just talking together, cuddling each other, then having sex later. Penny and I haven't had sex for years. Penny finds intercourse to painful. She is 73, turns 74 in January. The entry of my mother into the room, was interesting. And this time it was my mother as my mother, recalling my prostitute dream part II.
The dream was in black and white except the part where my mother enters the room and is pottering around, that was in colour. Normally my dreams are in colour. Very rarely do I dream in black and white.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Extremely erotic. On awakening I found myself very disoriented, not sure where I was. In fact I thought I was in bed with my brother. Not sure which one. I have one brother still alive and one brother who died 16 years ago. This week is the 16th anniversary of his death. He committed suicide.


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, my condolences for the loss of your brother. I imagine the anniversaries would be tough.

Your prostitute dream also came immediately to mind and interesting to note the striking difference being Penny vs prostitute. Did you feel more comfortable with your mum present in this dream?