Magical Concoction


I am at an indoor gathering and see my neighbour with her children running around. There is a lineup outside and I see my mum and some close friends waiting to get in. One friend, Mel, has dyed her hair purple with a white/grey streak at the front - she is embracing her age as well as an attempt to look cool. I compliment her and embrace another friend who is stand offish, which is typical of her.

I head back inside and walk into another room which turns out to be a bar area. I approach the bar and order a drink. The bar tender is a strange, gnomish looking man. He places a Heineken on the bar and it looks like a magical concoction. It's colourful and nebulous, almost aura or space-like as it pulsates within the glass. I hand him a ten dollar note and he says my money is not good here and I am grateful for his friendliness. He does take my money but then returns it multifold so there is a structure of colourful notes, 20s, 50s and 10s that he has arranged like a house of cards. I'm unsure whether this is a trick to hoodwink me, but he seems genuine and likeable.

As I go to take a drink, I notice another bartender has taken it and the bar is suddenly crowded with people. I attempt to ask for it back but the gnomish man has disappeared and in his place there is an unruly female bartender who eyes me 'knowingly' and bellows in a guttural voice 'NOT FOR YOUR WHORISH WAYS!' or something insinuating she knows about the bartender's and my 'secret'. The whole establishment hears and is judging and staring at me.

Everywhere I look, people are now sinister, nasty and deformed - the outcasts of society. I attempt to leave quickly without making eye contact. I walk quickly down a fenced alleyway and a large group is heading towards me, one guy has a large bolt as a leg. He is angry and leading a mob of others just as incensed at society.

I end up escaping to the town centre when I think of random shootings and attacks and jump over a metal latticed fence.

Original artwork by Martina Kocian - digitally remastered photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Some dream characters are closely connected to people in my building.

I've been experiencing a recurring theme where suddenly the dream or characters within the dream become sinister and I need to make a quick exit.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Excitement and anticipation to be at an event and bar. Curiosity and guardedness towards the bartender. Shock and fear towards the end. A real need to escape and flee the situation I find myself in.


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2 years ago

And I thought I was the only one who had epic dreams. I must have taught you.