The Wound


I am working in a bar. I am wearing a casual white suit with a pale blue shirt, which is open to my navel. The bar has a working class feel about it. It is very busy, and I am working my way around the tables, talking to the patrons. The mood is very cheeky. Everyone is talking with a cockney accent. I return to the bar and the female bar supervisor tells me that I have some blood on my face. I look in a mirror and there is some dried blood on my left temple. I tell her that I will go and wash it off. I walk out of the bar, following another woman. This woman walks into the Ladies toilet, and I follow her into the toilet. I am carrying a heavy bag of coin and I put it down on a bench. I make a mental note to come and pick it up later. There is no one else in the toilet so the lady and I walk out of the toilet. I walk into the gent's bathroom, and I hold the door open for the lady, if she wants to come in, she doesn't. I enter the bathroom and it is a large locker/change room. There are 1 or 2 naked men drying themselves, after a shower, and a number of other men, fully clothed, there. There is a lot of skylarking going on. One man looks very old, and he is very short in stature, and he is wearing a school uniform. I walk through this room into the next room. The next room looks like a charity shop. It is full of old furniture, crockery, glassware, clothing etc. The floor is very unstable and the room sways as I walk across it. A large bookcase, that is displaying crockery and glassware, starts to sway back and forth and falls down on the floor and all the china and glassware is broken. I woke up at that point.
Photo by Amie Johnson on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

The old man in the school uniform, reminds me of 30-year-old teenager from the friendly mut dream. The last room had a feeling of deja vu about it. My casual suit looks out of place, especially as I am a member of staff. My suit wouldn't look out of place on a patron. I have long wavy brown hair. When I had hair, it was auburn, but it was wavy.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

The bar was very busy. The conversation was very light and bawdy. My first thought, on waking up after the dream, was; oh it's only a dream, I don't have to clean up that mess.


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Dream Therapist
11 months ago

Hi Lindsay, the skylarking in the locker/change room reminds me of your sauna change room memory. The old man in the school uniform seems significant as does the unstable room with the broken china and glassware.