Royal Crypt Robber


I have married into a royal family, to a prince and we are alone on palace grounds. We are happily in love and walk the estate to a beautiful small limestone pond with a tree hanging over it. The pond is shallow, we wade in it and I see tiny wriggling tadpole like creatures swimming in a group. They should be grown by Summer's end and I wonder whether there will be more batches. By the pond we can hear chainsaws in the near distance and we are saddened the forest is being destroyed.

I look back onto the palace grounds and doors fold out through the grounds to the entrance. It feels very open and exposed. I leave my prince to head back to the main palace with my child. It feels eerie, the grounds are deserted because everyone is away for the weekend or the Summer and we have the place to ourselves. I wonder whether they have left a skeleton staff at least. As I walk, we pass by a neighbouring estate and I can see the dining furniture - it's very modern and wealthy and I assume it will be worth a lot neighbouring royalty.

As we are nearing the main palace, I see a crypt and a woman - she is also royal and bending over the crypt. She is wearing a black cloak, lipstick and is a generation older than me. She is beautiful and untrustworthy. She is fearing her position maybe? and realises she is no longer relevant. I sense I am superior in the royal hierarchy even though I am new to the family. She has been caught red handed and hands me the jewellery she has pulled from the crypt. She wants me to investigate its history, who it belonged to. Was it her grandmother's or another relation? I sense this is important to her as it may clinch her position in the family. She is completely absorbed in self preservation and I feel for her whilst also knowing she has no interest or use for me otherwise - or anyone else for that matter.

As she walks away to her section of the grounds, I ask her to repeat who I am investigating. My sister appears next to me and says 'Daddy's little girl' and that our mother won't like that to which I think strange because my mother enabled this dynamic between my sister and father.

Dream notes and associations

The dream felt very real as if I was living another life. Associations with the royal family, my relationship with the Prince felt a bit Harry and Meghan-esque.

I'm wondering whether the Blue Lotus tea I drank before sleep aided this vivid dream.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Calm and happy with the prince. Joint sadness about the destruction of the forest. Unnerved at the palace grounds being so deserted. Uncertainty and trepidation towards the woman.


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1 year ago

Any sibling rivalry between you and your sister? Was she ‘Daddy’s little girl until you provided a grandchild and stole the limelight from her?

1 year ago
Reply to  Martina Kocian

Oh wow! Touche`!