I am walking down Military Road in Neutral Bay. I meet Dixie, who is a friend of Penny's. I ask her where is she going? She tells me she is off to see the minister. I ask her does she mean a minister of religion? (Dixie is very religious) No, she is off to see the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. I tell her that she should tell him to resign. That is why she is going to see him. I go home. I am sitting at home and I am starting to fume. I've had enough. I decide to start a movement to demand that Scott Morrison resign. I walk out of the house and head towards Parliament House, Canberra. As I walk I start attracting people to my movement. The numbers start to expand rapidly. By the time we arrive at APH, Canberra we are numbering in the 100s of thousands and we demand that Scott Morrison resign immediately, which he does. Even though though we are such a large number of people, we are very orderly,

Image by Joseph Chan on unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Obviously a wish fulfillment dream. Dixie lives in Scott Morrison's electorate. I don't think she votes for him.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

empowered, fuming, rage, sense of purpose


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Dream Therapist
2 years ago

Hi Lindsay, I can really sense the power and forward momentum/movement in this dream. What and empowering and highly emotive dream.