The Dry, The Grief & The Secrets


I am visiting the fictional farming community of Kiewarra ("The Dry" by Jane Harper, Pan MacMillan; The movie is directed by Robert Connolly). The community is struggling with a 2 year long drought and now local farmer Luke Hadler appears to have murdered his wife and son and shot himself. Buried deep in the community psyche is the unresolved death 20 years ago of a teenage school girl, Ellie Deacon, who drowned in a local swimming hole. Was it an accidental drowning? Did she commit suicide? Or was she murdered? Is there a connection between Ellie Deacon's death and the Hadler Family tragedy? I am here to help the community come to terms with its grief and help them shine a light on the long buried secrets that everyone has turned a blind eye to.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Saw the movie last night, read the book within the past 12 months.. I highly recommend both. Before going in to see the movie, I pondered how will I see this movie, given that I already know the ending. My dream provided the answer. Watching the movie , last night, I really felt the grief that the community was experiencing. Unfortunately I can't remember much of the detail of the dream but I do remember my purpose in the dream

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Grief, guilt, a sense of purpose.


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, my condolences again for the loss of your brother.

It does sound like there is a strong connection here between helping the community in your dream and the role/purpose you play in your family. It also sounds like your psyche is continuing to assist with your grief through dreaming. I’m intrigued by the buried secrets and the theme of turning a blind eye in this dream.