The Clean up


It is nighttime and I am living in this dark, foreboding house. The house and yard are full of junk. I have resolved to clean it up and I have brought a trailer and parked it in the yard. I am loading up the junk onto the trailer. There is a Persian cat there, in the backyard moving around. He is not my cat, but he is there.

My own image created by bing AI digital art.

Dream notes and associations

I have "lived" in this house before. Years before I met you, I remember I had a series of dreams where I lived in this house. From the outside it looked like a huge barn. It had no windows, I entered by these secret doors, which could be located halfway up a wall. Every time I entered it would be always by a different door than before. The rooms inside where empty, there was no furniture. The rooms were also huge, and they usually had a stage up one end of the rooms. There were secret passages leading to secret rooms. Sometimes I would meet someone in one of these rooms and we would have some interaction between us. Sometimes we would have sex together. Or I would have some other adventure in the house. Connection with my 'Museum of Secrets' dream. The building was very old, even derelict, but it wasn't falling down. Connection to my previous dream. Which also brings me to the Persian cat, which also references my previous dream. Except this cat wasn't Maoui. I can also remember, many years ago I would wake up, in the night, thinking there was a cat sitting on my chest. I could hear it purring, and I could feel its front paws padding on my chest. But when I actually looked there was nothing there. Maybe there is more to Maoui's shadow dream than I first thought. Anyway, this time I have obviously managed to fill this house up with junk.
Of course, a reference to Memories of Timber Cottages Dream, the second dream that I presented to you.
The fact that I am starting to clean up the property gives this dream a positive feel, in spite of the dark and foreboding nature of the dream. Although it is a herculean task.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Deja vu, messy, dark and foreboding.


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Dream Therapist
9 months ago

Hi Lindsay, fascinating dream and I am intrigued by the appearances of these cats – particularly your experiences with the feline night visitor. Are you still journaling? I am drawing connections between journaling (and also your work with Lara) and the metaphorical getting rid of junk – which I imagine would be a herculean yet positive task.