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I am holding my little baby nephew who's sick and needs urgent attention. We are at a hospital but there is a long standing queue for emergency. I am really stressed that we won't be seen to in time. I rush forward to the front of the queue and thankfully we are pushed through to see the doctor.

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Dream notes and associations

I am a paediatrician and work at a hospital.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Really stressed about my nephew in the dream and that he wouldn't be seen to in time. Relief on awakening that we were pushed through the queue. I'm wondering if my dream might be alerting me to a real life health issue with my nephew...should I tell my sister about my dream?

Dream consultation

Hi Magi,

There are several themes in your dream that signify something in your life is requiring urgent attention. These include the emergency situation you find yourself in at the hospital and not being able to wait in the queue with the other patients. There is a strong sense of 'not being able to make it in time'. This urgency is also compounded by the stress you feel within the dream.

On a more positive note, in the dream you were able to move to the front of the queue which suggests that this life circumstance will be attended to just in time.

Universally, babies symbolise something new - a new project or a new beginning. Since you work in a hospital the hospital environment suggests that this could be a work related project or new beginning that needs to be critically looked at and/or moved forward. You will get it through just in time.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Where in my life am I feeling stressed with a sense of not being able to make it in time?
  • What in my life is requiring urgent attention?
  • What in my life simply cannot wait and needs to be moved forward?
  • What project or new beginning is in critical condition? 

Suggested Dreamwork:

Imagine yourself back in your dream where you are in the emergency ward holding your sick nephew with the long queue in front of you. As you hold your sick nephew, acknowledge your anxiety. What are your associations with this level of stress in your life? Now sense your state of relief as you are moved forward in the queue. Apply this feeling of relief to the life situation that correlates with your dream.


It is unlikely that this dream is directly related to your nephew however you might want to check in with your family if you're concerned.



Martina Kocian

BA Psychology, Dream Therapist, Dreamcubator Founder


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Dream Therapist
4 years ago

Hi Magi, yes our dreams have a funny way of mirroring our emotions and stress generally brings on these stressful and nightmarish dreams. Keep focusing on that relief you felt at the end of your dream if you start feeling too stressed about your situation and also before you go to sleep to elicit more positive dreams. Best of luck with your work visa!

Dream Therapist
4 years ago
Reply to  Magi KB

What a relief! And great to hear your nephew is ok 🙂