The Friendly Mut


I am visiting a local park. There is a dog there that wants me to play with him. A lady at the park, knows the dog, but only from seeing him at the park. She doesn't know who the owners are. I play with the dog by throwing a stick and the dog brings it back.

The dog is taking me to its' home. It is the same home from my 'Chickens Dream '(May 10, 2021). No one is at home but the dog and I enter the home and continue to play together. I decide that I want a shower. I find a bedroom and I undress. I wander through the house, naked, looking for the bathroom. I find it and have a shower. After the shower I dry myself off and walk back through the house. I can see that 5 cars have pulled up on the driveway, so the people have arrived home. I cannot find the bedroom, where I undressed. I start to panic. I find the bedroom and start to dress myself. The door opens and a man, who looks like a 30 year old teenager enters the room with a lady, who is a social worker from the local council. He is quite ugly and odd looking. He has a cylindrical head and body and he is wearing a school uniform. I explain how I happen to be in their home. He seems happy with my explanation but wants me to finish dressing myself and leave, because he has to go and report to the police station. I finish dressing myself and leave and I don't meet anyone else from the house. The End

Photo by Katie Bernotsky on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

I read a recent blog post from Lauri Loewenberg about particular objects in dreams. A lady replied to the blog, commenting that she had recurring dreams about wanting to go to the toilet but none of the toilets she finds are private so she doesn't go. Reminded me of my Meeting with Martina dream at the motel room and 'The Old Timber Cottage dream (2 February 2016) and in particular the following part:

I want to have a shower but I don't know where the bathroom is so I go looking for it. The cottage has corridors heading off in all directions. And as I wander down these corridors looking for the bathroom I decide to get undressed as I go. I have this technique for getting undressed and carrying my clothes in front of me as a way of covering my nakedness. but people are upset and embarrassed that I am getting undressed and I have to put my clothes back on. I tell them that I want a shower and can't find the bathroom. A lady tells Hylton to take me to the old galley. Hylton takes me to an old kitchen and leaves me there. The room is very small and claustrophobic. But I discover a small but open sitting room off to one side and this is also where the bathroom is, along one of the walls of the room. There is no privacy as it is open to the room (no shower screens etc). I am about to get undressed again when an older lady comes into the room looking for some of the children. When she finds that there are no children here she goes out again. It is then I notice that the outside wall of the room is missing, and not only is it missing but you cannot tell where the inside of the cottage finishes, and the outside begins. Looking out where the wall should be I can see a local street typical of any rural village in Australia. It is wide and made of bitumen, there are no Kerbs and gutters. There are children playing in the street. I think they are playing cricket. I also notice that there are rows of grape vines planted along the nature strips on both sides of the street. On one side of the cottage is an old fashioned motor mechanic's garage and petrol station. I notice that I am now feeling very uncomfortable about getting undressed and having a shower.

Also there has been a theme recently about animals and play in my dreams. There has also been themes about nudity and whether I wanted to be publicly seen naked or not.
Then there is this 30 year old teenager. Is he a male version of the hideous ugly troll? And the reference to the chickens dream. The marmoset dream and I could go on.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Sense of play, sense of fun, panic


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Dream Therapist
1 year ago

Hi Lindsay, some interesting associations here – particularly with the ugly troll. I would also add the association with your memory from the gym/sauna that emerged from our previous session.