The Orgasm


On the weekend I dreamt that I woke up in the night to discover Penny, who is sound asleep, masturbating herself and she is having an orgasm. I help her to finish it off. I had the dream twice that night. When I had the dream the second time I remembered, in the dream, that this was the second time that night. I couldn't believe my luck. Penny remains asleep in both dreams

Dream notes and associations

Immediately made a connection with the morning glory dream. In that dream the prostitute is asleep throughout the dream, even when she masturbates me. This triggered a memory when, some years ago I woke up in the night to find that Penny was masturbating me, even though she was asleep. And yes that actually happened, it wasn't a dream. I told her about it the next morning but she had no memory of it. When I explored the dream with you, last week, I thought about telling you about that memory, but at the last moment decided that it was a private moment between Penny and myself and decided not to share it. Now I've these 2 dreams I thought maybe I should share it. Generally I found the homework from that dream was a lot to take in and remember each one of these experiences as I meditated on it. In the end I just focused on 3 at a time, then moved on to the next 3. I guess this dream was a result of it.
I can't remember if I told you but I am on jury duty for the next fortnight. Alternatively we could make a tentative time next Thursday, 27th of August and I will let you know how I'm placed, in the event of the trial finishing early. at the moment I don't have any times for that week as it is in the next roster which goes up tomorrow. If we focus on a time between 11 am and noon would be fairly safe. There is a possibility that we could be finished by Wednesday, 26th of August. I will let you know on Wednesday one way or the other.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Very erotic.


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, how interesting this theme of masturbating while asleep has resurfaced – and that you were on the other end this time helping Penny. Great, I’ll pencil us in for Aug 27 at 11am.