The Prostitute Part II: The Morning Glory


This morning I woke up early and as I lay there, awake, I drifted off into this dream. So it feels more like a daydream.

I am back in my family home, sleeping in my bed there and the prostitute is spending the night with me. I wake up in the early hours in the morning to find the prostitute sleeping beside me, our naked bodies wrapped together in an embrace. She is sound asleep but I am feeling very horny. I find her hand in the dark and place it around my erect penis and she masturbates me, even though she is still sound asleep.

It is sunrise and the bedroom is bathed in morning light. The prostitute is still sound asleep and I am lying awake next to her naked body. I feel like that I am bathed in morning glory. But as the sounds of life stirring in the rest of the house and I realise that, somehow, I am going to have to explain the prostitute to the rest of the family. But still while my bedroom door is shut, no one is going to disturb us in here. At that point the door opens and my mother enters the room. She is portrayed by Eve G., a friend of Penny and I. I immediately throw the bed covers over the prostitute's body. Soon after my mother leaves the bedroom. I really begin to worry about how can I smuggle her out of the house without anyone seeing her. Then I realise that if we both walk out of the bedroom together and I have my briefcase with me then everyone will realise that we have been negotiating a business deal.

I am now travelling alone and I am returning home. Home is magnificent mansion, but it is a share house and a lot of other people are living there. Upon arriving at the home I head straight to my room. In my room I find a young attractive blonde woman, who looks a bit like Eve G., but isn't, lying on my bed, fully clothed and has all my mail, that she has collected for me, while I was away, spread around her on the bed. I recognise her as a house mate of mine. The End.

Dream notes and associations

Obvious connections to The Prostitute dream. Interesting that the prostitute is asleep throughout the dream. The sunrise just felt glorious, and I also felt exposed, but in a glorious, magnificent way. Eve G as I said is a friend of Penny and I. She is a nudist and I have seen her naked on many occasions and even in her 50's and 60's she had a body that most female 20 somethings would die for. Interesting that she is portraying my mother. The magnificent mansion was also interesting as were the other people living there. The prostitute was tall and slim. She had a Latin-American look. The sunrise felt like that I was being exposed with the prostitute. I am wondering if this is a continuation of the themes of the previous dream, the hand job. There is another connection.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Erotic, Gloria in excelsius


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Dream Therapist
3 years ago

Hi Lindsay, there’s also a theme of having to cover up or smuggle away so that others don’t find out. But feeling exposed in a glorious, magnificent way suggests you are dreaming forward…this feeling of exposure is evolving into a more positive state for you.