The Orgasm Part IV


I am a teenager living at home. It is Sunday morning and I am at home alone and in bed. Everyone else is at church. A young Mel Gibson, the Hollywood actor, visits me. He wants to masturbate me. He places his hand under the blankets and masturbates me. He is not very focused though and I wish he would hurry up and finish the job before my parents get home.

Dream notes and associations

REminded me of my recent dream; The Timber Cottage, Bungendore, and my original memories of timber cottages dream. Could be a progression from that one to my current dreams. Felt like a comical version of that dream. Interesting that my naked body was not exposed to him. He chose to masturbate me under the bed clothes

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

erotic and comical, unfocused, frustration


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