The Spa


Penny and I are visiting a luxury spa. We meet some of the other guests; a lesbian couple and a young man, who is wearing a hoodie, so we cannot see his face. The five of us are sitting on the deck, beside the swimming pool, chatting amongst ourselves. The young man decides to go for a swim and strips down to his bathers. He is extraordinarily handsome and one of the lesbians falls in love with him and wants to be his lover. The young man dives into the pool and swims off. Penny and I continue chatting with the other couple. Sometime later we notice that the young man has disappeared. We desperately search for him. We find his body floating, face down, underneath the deck. There are a number of inspection hatches in the deck but there is not enough space to get underneath the deck to retrieve his body. Penny and I try to steer his body towards a hatch. It is exhausting. The lesbian couple have disappeared at this point. Eventually we manage to get him near a hatch and I manage to drag his lifeless body out of the hatch and lie him down on the deck. I go to reception to let them know what has happened. But when I return he is sitting up and talking to Penny. The End.

Image: Alex Bertha on unsplash.

Dream notes and associations

Haven't a clue on this one. We are on holidays at the moment and we are staying at the Beachcomber apartments at Peregian Beach. But it is not a luxury spa. We would have passed a few new age healing centres in our travels around the Sunshine Coast and hinterland. Could have something to do with my Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma? I did receive a text from my doctor to make an appointment to see her.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Friendly conversation amongst strangers, desperation, exhaustion,


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