A Walk in the Wilderness


I have become a successful published author. I take some time out from a busy book tour schedule to go for a walk in the wilderness. I am going on the walk alone but I meet Margaret, a friend of Penny's, who is also walking alone. Even though the track is wide enough to walk side by side, we are walking single file, with Margaret walking in front of me. Throughout the whole dream I only see her back. She is much younger than her current age. She tells me that she has always seen me as a writer.

Image by Mitchell Luo on unsplash

Dream notes and associations

Interesting I had this dream straight after uploading my Ernest Hemingway dream. It reminds me of lots of dreams. One of my Rolls Royce dream, Letting Go Dream and a few others. Early in the relationship with Penny, she told me about her friend Margaret, who had moved to Canberra and had lost contact with her. They had flatted together for several years and had even holidayed together. Four days later I discovered that Penny's friend Margaret was also a friend of my parents. This is the first time Margaret has appeared in my dreams but I have mentioned her in relation to conversations with her and her husband and the dreams that followed. I think that 'Memories of Timber Cottages was one. Interesting that we were walking single file. Sounds significant

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

spiritual, restorative


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