The Supermarket


The first part of the dream I can't remember much. I think I was travelling somewhere on a public bus, as a passenger. Penny is swimming at Balmoral Beach and we have planned to meet at Woolworths Neutral Bay to do some shopping. Originally I plan to catch a bus from where I am to Woolies but I decide to walk. When I arrive there I meet some of Penny's fellow swimmers. One friend of her's, Rob, has bright red lipstick on his lips and white flowers painted on his face. I tell them that I am waiting for Penny to arrive. I see a woman on the other side of the supermarket and say: "There she is". I attract the woman's attention and beckon her to come over and join us. She walks over with a puzzled look on her face. Penny's friends say "that is not Penny" When the woman comes over I realise to my horror that it is Martini, my ex-wife. The end

Dream notes and associations

Obvious connections with Penny, her friends from swimming and, of course, Martini. Why did I mistake Martini for Penny? What is that all about? Rob is not the kind of guy to wear bright red lipstick and have white flowers painted on his face. It made him look camp. He is not. He is a retired real estate agent who help Penny and I buy this place at auction. He attended the auction with us and read the crowd for us. I worked at Woolworths Neutral Bay before I worked at the buses.


My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening



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