The setting is modern suburbia. I am sitting on my steep concrete driveway at my house. It is a beautiful sunny day. My dog Jedda is with me. Two chickens turn up, one black, one brown, pecking and scratching in the grass beside the driveway. I have no idea where they have come from. I pick up the brown one and sit her in my lap. She is quite happy to sit there. Jedda stands over the other one and she "cowers" but Jedda sniffs her and licks her and lies down beside her. The chicken snuggles up against Jedda.

Image by Desiree Fawn on unsplash

Dream notes and associations

My dog Jedda died about 15 years ago My mother kept chickens at our family home. They made good pets. Jedda, being a sheep dog (Kelpie) she was very good at rounding up the chickens and putting them to bed. She would never harm them.
It wasn't the house I live in. There was a feeling that behind me was a large suburban 1970's house.

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

A beautiful sunny day, animal friendship


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