Death of a loved one


A couple of nights ago I was dreaming that my best friends husband had passed away. I don't know the details of how he passed, I just know he is gone. I have this overwhelming sense of sadness and grief for my best friend as she has a toddler and is currently pregnant (5 months) - I just couldn't fathom how she was going to manage with him gone. I was crying uncontrollably in my dream - to the point I was actually whimpering in my sleep! I woke my parter who in turn woke me as he was concerned. When I came to and realised it was a dream, my whimper turned into laughter - he was so confused, he asked "why are you laughing after such an awful dream?" and I said, "I think I'm just so relieved it was a dream!". There was no one else in my dream, just myself and the knowledge that my best friends husband had passed away - so strange!

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Overwhelming sadness and grief during the dream.
Utter relief upon waking.


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Dream Therapist
4 years ago

Hi Lady_Indigo, how interesting you were the only one featured in your dream.

Dreams with a strong theme of death and passing are usually symbolic of change and an ending of something in your waking life. Sometimes bereavement dreams can also signify feelings of loneliness and the need to reconnect with others during this time as indicated by being alone in your dream.

Pay special attention to this dream as nightmares are everyday dreams that have become more vivid and emotionally intense to magnify their message.