No Country for Old Men


My name is Leicester Dobbs. I am planning a hunting trip into the desert. This a cover for the real purpose of the trip. I want to slip unnoticed across the border to escape the current Covid lockdown and to go and visit my mother, who is in hospital, in Canberra. My wife, not Penny, sees me off. She knows the real reason for my journey. She will follow me later.

Later in the night I returned to the dream. I am in Canberra and I am having a breakfast with the parishioners at All Saints, Ainslie. My mother is there, she is much younger than her current age. The parishioners are starting to drift off and re-congregate in a nearby park. I follow them to the park. I am sitting alone on a park bench. I need to go to the toilet and I start to pull my pants down. Then I decide that is probably not appropriate in the current situation. I rejoin the parishioners pulling up my pants as I approach them. My mother introduces me to a young man, he is of Latino appearance and very smartly dressed. He remembers someone I knew who had the baby baptised at All Saints, a long time ago. On that occasion, he made the acquaintance of the infant's uncle and wanted to meet him again. I can't remember who he is talking about. I meet another man who is very charismatic. He has written a play and he is negotiating with a theatre company to have it performed. He leaves and I realise that I didn't ask him when and where will it be performed. I decide that I can probably Google it. THE END

Photo by Nicole Herrero on Unsplash

Dream notes and associations

My mother is back in hospital. She had a fall a few weeks ago and has been in pain since, She has a hairline fracture in her sacrum. She has a severe reaction to the morphine, sends her tripping, makes her agitated etc. She is now in palliative care. She is comfortable at the moment but very vague. Unfortunately it looks she wont be with us for much longer at the moment. She could recover.
The first part of the dream reminded me of the movie; "No Country for Old Men". The lead character was Llewellyn Moss, a Vietnam Vet and basically an honest, hard working working class man, living in a trailer park with his wife. She was my wife in the dream. Llewellyn goes hunting in the west texan desert for deer. He comes across a grisly scene, a drug deal gone seriously wrong. Amongst the corpses he finds an attache case with over $2 million dollars in it. He decides to keep it. He doesn't know that there is a tracking device in the case. This puts his and his wife, and her mother lives in danger. Jarvier Bardem's Anton Chigurth. the psycopathic hitman is one of the most chillingly evil men to ever grace the movie screen.
The second part reminded me of The Preacher dream and Waiting for Martina dream. I can also make connections to my two recent dreams

My feelings throughout the dream and on awakening

Loneliness and companionship, charisma


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Dream Therapist
2 years ago

Hi Lindsay, I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s condition and hope she manages to recover. It must be difficult not being able to visit her at this time. It seems your dreaming mind may be making up for this. There’s also something here about appropriation, relating to you deciding to pull your pants back up in the dream.